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We are one of the largest Healthcare recruiters of Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals nationwide, with over 15 years’ experience supporting the NHS and Private organisations across the UK.


"Local Expertise with Global Reach"

Working In the UK

The NHS employs well over a million people in the UK and is the largest single employer supplying 5% of the jobs in the UK.

Overall 12.5% of NHS staff say that their nationality is not British and now the Visa caps have been lifted the NHS is moving to employ more overseas trained Doctors and Nurses than ever before.

Whether you live inside or outside the EU RIG can help you as a healthcare professional with securing a job in the UK.

"12.5% of NHS Staff are not British"

How can RIG help?


Our partnerships with NHS Trusts have been established for over 15 years. 

Recognising the pressure faced by the NHS the cap on visas has been lifted to help deal with increased demand and to support the national health services meaning more Doctors and Nurses from outside the EU can work in the UK.


Nursing and Doctor job opportunities in the UK are now in abundance and RIG is working closely with many NHS Trusts & other clients in the UK to help fulfill their shortage.

As a potential candidate you can send your CV for a job  along with hundreds of other candidates but what makes you stand out from the crowd?


Latest Technology

RIG Have harnessed the power of technology  to screen and source the best candidates, it allows us and our clients to shortlist candidates faster than using other methods of live video interviewing, RIG are the only agency to offer video interviewing.


Recorded at home on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet the platform enables you to showcase your clinical ability, use of the English language and gives an insight into your personality and work ethic. This is sent directly to hiring managers who can review them and then make quality shortlists for interviews meaning you are one step closer to securing that ideal role in the UK

RIG will explain the whole process of moving to the UK, help you find your ideal role and ensure your move to the country goes seamlessly.


To learn more about the working of the NHS and other helpful information download our Guides to the NHS:

International Doctors Guide to the NHS 

International Nurses Guide to the NHS

Contact us today using the form below to discuss you potential move or email

" I was worried that it would be difficult for me to adapt to the UK System but it's been three week's and I am practically independent. I know what to do and more importantly who to ask for help if I have any problems. My colleagues welcome my questions"


Dr Etta - Consultant Oncologist from Italy

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