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We are one of the largest Healthcare recruiters of Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals nationwide, with over 15 years’ experience supporting the NHS and Private organisations across the UK.


"Local Expertise with Global Reach"

International Resourcing


Our international recruitment team exists to address the gap currently existing between the demand on our National Health Service and the lack of candidates available to fully meet these needs from within the UK. RIG Healthcare have unrivalled access to talent pools around the world through our International partners of Healthcare Professionals.

Whilst the Visa cap on Doctors and Nurses has been lifted by the UK government, the war for talent wages on, several other NHS trusts are already working with us to address their workforce shortages by securing high calibre healthcare professionals from around the world using our global network, technology platform and experienced delivery team.


RIG have harnessed the power of technology to cut down the time spent talking to unsuitable candidates by providing state of the art video interviewing technology. This removes the issues of interview scheduling during clinical timings and time zone delays.

Candidates can pre-record their interview detailing their previous clinical experience, what their highlights within a working environment are and what their ideal new position would involve.

This gives you an insight into the candidates persona, language skills and to find out if their clinical skills are a match for the role you are trying to fill - all at your leisure and without the bind of interview scheduling until you are sure the candidate is a fit for your position.

Time is Precious!

  • Don't waste time setting aside slots for interview when you can 'pre-interview' via a pre-recorded video...

  • Eliminate time zone delays

  • Pre-screen using your own interview criteria

  • Screen candidates quicker

  • Hire smarter & faster

Email or complete the form below to request a video demonstration and to discuss how RIG can help you secure your talented healthcare professionals!

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